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Concrete Driveway Repairs Boca Raton FL, Palm Beach Pro Concrete Contractors

Minor driveway repairs

Small chipping and cracks in the surface of the concrete are common complaints that homeowners have when it comes to repairing driveways. They need to be handled immediately after they occur. If minor chips and cracks on the concrete surface are left without repair, they could result in large problems which may need major work for the repairs to be done. Minor concrete driveway repairs require simple cementing in affected areas or the application of bonding agents available in many hardware stores.

Chipping and cracks on the surface of concrete occur as a result of the contraction and expansion of concrete due to weather changes. Heat causes the concrete to expand and contraction comes as a result of the cold. In case there is rapid cooling and heating, like on autumn nights and days, stress on concrete may result in minor cracks appearing and chipping of concrete.

Major driveway repairs

Small cracks that are left without repair will develop into big cracks that will go deep inside the concrete. Such cracks require major repairs to be filled. The other reason the driveway will need major repairs includes buckling the concrete. 

Concrete will buckle when the underlying soil to the concrete sinks. This results from freezing water under concrete in winter which causes it to rise or bulge. In summer, water under concrete will cause the soil to sink, causing the concrete to make a slight trough. This trough will crack from within and result in the strength diminishing. The buckling will shatter over several seasons and result in minute areas of concrete forming bowls.

The best solution here is ripping away the old concrete and carrying out driveway repairs with reinforcements like small piles of concrete. The driveway will then be poured and given time to set.

Driveway Repairs

The procedure used for driveway repairs depends on the damage extent. A minor crack can be patched with a sealant that fits in the caulking gun. You will also find sealers that are latex-based and you can pour them in the crack. For large ruts or cracks, you may require the asphalt patch mix. The potholes need filling and this will be done with the cold patch product. It is a mixture of materials that produce coarse filler compounds.

After filling the holes and cracks, you will have to label your driveway. If you have utilized too much filler, eliminate the much needed for the surface to be level. Possessing a bump in the driveway is just as undesirable as possessing a pothole.

Your driveway repairs will require uniform consistency after leveling and mixing with the driveway sealer. Pour it into the driveway section and use the squeegee applicator to spread it. Reverse the brush to eliminate lines that the applicator has left behind after leveling. This needs to give you a finish that is smooth. Apply a second coat after the sealant drying.

Employing a contractor

Depending on the problem’s severity, the homeowner will have to employ a contractor for this job. When you want to employ a contractor to handle concrete driveway repairs in Boca Raton fl, consider visiting as they can give you the answers you want. You may also ask for references or call directory services to get a list of contractors in the area. Speak to them about your problem and get job references and quotes from them. Be keen on the references. Choose a contractor that has enough experience and at the right cost.

The best method of handling damages like cracks in the driveway is by avoiding them from the beginning. While the driveway is in the desired shape, apply the required concrete sealant to the whole surface. This will end up protecting you against constant exposure to the sun, harsh conditions of weather, and stains from engine fluids and automobile tires. You need to do this after a few years to make sure that the driveway stays in the best possible shape.

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