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Pool Deck Resurfacing West Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Pro Concrete Contractors

A lot of individuals, while designing backyard gateways, have to choose between aesthetics and cost when it comes to the looks of the areas surrounding the swimming pool. It is unfortunate that options are limited as there was a concrete choice or concrete with a few options that go with that choice. Until of late, options which improved the looks were expensive and made Pool Deck Resurfacing West Palm Beach expensive too. With the advancement in concrete engineering, this has become a thing of the past.

Affordable for Homeowner

By use of engineered concrete or polymer mixtures, a thin layer will be applied to the existing pool deck, transforming the gateway into what the owner envisioned originally, rather not just what they have to settle for. The available products are affordable and have a design for quick drying time, allowing the homeowner to upgrade the pool deck in one day.

The Stone Look

These products are also flexible. For example, if the homeowner desired to have the look of stone, systems are there that allow the installer to stencil or stamp the concrete, giving it a stone look. You can add slip resistance if the deck is too slick and any combination of colors is also possible. The cost will continue dropping because you can get more products when you visit https://www.concretepbc.com/ because they use advanced technology in their production.

Our System

You can do Pool Deck Resurfacing in West Palm Beach on any pool deck that does not have major structural issues like cracks. The surface gets prepared with rough buffing to assist the resurfacing material to bond with the current structure, then the polymer and concrete mixture is applied. Other systems will have the installer apply materials with trowels and others are just sprayed. The majority of the spray systems are self-leveling, which means that they do not have to be smooth because they do this before starting to start up.


The required products for Pool Deck Resurfacing West Palm Beach are very durable and have the design of withstanding many years of abrasion, exposure to UV, contracting, and swelling due to humidity or temperature. Additionally, the products are engineered to withstand many years of being in the pool, including the chemical resistance of the modest salt-based systems.

Growth in the trend for new pool installation is to utilize resurfacing methods to add pizzazz to the pool area. It is quite affordable to install a basic slab, and a thin layer is added before working on the slab. Experts in pool design recommend this if they have a feeling that it will save them time and money while working. The swimming pool is a great entertainment place and when used for many years, the backyard starts looking tired. The pool becomes stained, the coping and tile get old, the equipment has seen many good days, and the deck is now worn out.

It is time to think about pool deck resurfacing and the process has to begin from somewhere. Below are a few ideas to think about. Start by gathering ideas on the way you would like it to look, bearing in mind the landscaping, the pool, and the deck.

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